Exclusive: Spanish Public Vital to Madrid 2020 Bid says Sanchez

November 12, 2012

Victor Sanchez, Chief Executive of Madrid’s 2020 bid for the Summer Olympics, believes the passion of the Spanish people is the unique selling point of the Olympic bid. 

Speaking exclusively to iSportconnect, Sanchez said: “We have put our people, with all their passion, enthusiasm and experience at the forefront of the bid.

“People in Madrid and Spain in general are very passionate about sport.”

“Apart from the fact that we have excellent conditions for the visitors for tourism, as well as excellent weather, we put to the disposal of the Olympic family that first of all, we are one of the safest and most liberal cities in the world, with excellent transport infrastructure.”

The Spaniard is completely assured that a successful bid will help revive the Spanish economy. 

“Due to the adverse financial situation around the world and especially in Spain at the moment, we have to explain to the people that this could be vital to the recovery of the Spanish economy, as the Games in London were for the British economy, which has been stated by some post-Games reports.” 

“Most of our investment was made in the past. What is important for us is to put in value this investment through minimum future spending, and this brings the possibility of regenerating and reactivating the Spanish economy and Spanish fans. 

“Through the investment, through the opportunities of the Games and through the involvement of all the people involved in enterprises and creative application of the Games, new foreign investment will come to Madrid, due to the visibility of the city and the increase in consumption in general in hotels, shopping, restaurants and whatever due to the Games, as London experience.” 

Read Victor Sanchez’s full interview exclusively on iSportconnect here: http://bit.ly/WXyILP