Exclusive: Singapore GP Boss says Track Still Has Room for Improvement

November 28, 2012

Michael Roche, medical the Executive of Singapore GP, recipe the promoter of the Formula One race in the country, says that despite incredible success, the circuit can do much to improve itself.

Speaking exclusively to iSportconnect, Roche said that the track cannot afford to stand still in today’s environment. “There are so many areas we can improve and we try and cover every touch point; how our website looks, how our ticketing website and how you book a ticket, when you get the confirmation of a ticket and then when you receive the ticket’s in beautiful packaging, so the whole experience must follow through to when you get to the circuit,” he said.

Following on from that point, Roche said: “You can always improve and you must improve because what you did five years ago is now passé. If all you do is deliver what you did before, people will say it’s not as good, as perception is “oh, I already been to that.”

“So, all the time you have to sharpen your pencil and look at all areas and see how you can innovate, how you can make it different and how you can put a spin on it.”