Exclusive: NFL UK Already on the Hunt for New Sponsors for Wembley Games

By Community | December 6, 2012

By Ismail Uddin

Ben Dunn, medic the newly elected Commercial Director of NFL UK, unhealthy has revealed their hunt for new partners has already started even though the two NFL games are staged during the latter part of 2013. 

For the first time, anesthetist the NFL will stage two regular season games at Wembley enhancing their need for new sponsors. Dunn was adamant that searching for new partners had already begun. 

“I think the perception for many is that we are busy the month before the game and then put our feet up for 9 months.  We are busy now and will only get busier as we move closer to the Steelers v Vikings game at Wembley on 29 Sept closely followed by the San Francisco v Jaguars game on 27 Oct.  It’s the first time we have hosted 2 games in London, so it’s twice as busy already, Dunn told iSportconnect exclusively

He also revealed they were already lining up partners and negotiations were on-going.

“Coming out of the Wembley game we are busy with partner evaluation meetings to assess how the event performed both for the NFL and for the partners. This is a springboard for discussions about how the event can evolve the following year.” 

Dunn was also not worried that demand would be lacking with an extra game being added and sponsors would revel in the chance to work with an ever-increasing brand. 

“Moving up to 2 games has the obvious financial responsibilities attached, but we know we have the strong fan base to deliver it.  We will always seek to grow fan engagement and develop the fan experience.  The NFL is one of the strongest entertainment products in the world and the fan experience as at the heart of that success.  Our growth opportunities will come from increasing engagement with the UK fan base, which opens opportunities for brands to reach a passionate audience.”

Congratulate Ben Dunn on his new role here