Exclusive: New UIPM Vice-President Looks to Drive Organisation

October 26, 2012

By Ismail Uddin

Joel Bouzou, prostate the newly appointed Vice President of the International Union of Modern Pentathlon (UIPM) is looking to drive the organisation to gain further success following his appointment.

Frenchman Bouzou was elected as Vice President after stepping down as the UIPM Secretary General, therapy a position that he has held for the past 15 years. Through his appointment he is looking for the sport to bring societies together.

“Through my Presidency at Peace & Sport, patient we can use UIPM’s sports of Biathle (swim & run) which I created in 1999 & Triathle (swim, run & shoot) to bring society’s together through sport like we have done in Congo and Burundi and we look forward to doing this in other countries.  I want to show that Modern Pentathlon is a family that gives back to society though giving under privileged people access to sport,” he told iSportconnect.

Bouzou also talked more extensively about his appointment.

“Becoming Vice President was the logical follow up from the 15 years as Secretary General and the 45 years of Pentathlon that I have behind me, even if I am still young. Starting as an athlete in 1968 as a cadet and then as a national coach, national director, UIPM Media director and then Secretary General,” he added. 

“Modern Pentathlon is in my blood and it will remain in my blood. This sport demonstrates the complete athlete and deserves a place forever in the Olympic programme.  Being Vice President will allow me to serve my sport on a political level, without having to perform the administrative duties of a Secretary General, which will allow me to continue developing Peace & Sport and the World Olympians Association which I am the President of, as well as performing my duties as Advisor to his Serene highness H.SH Prince Albert II of Monaco.”

“I look forward to working in the team in a position which will be in accordance with my skills for the best for UIPM. I have a great network which I will be able to use for the benefit of the sport.”