Exclusive: NBC’s Coverage of MLS Helping to Grow Game in US says Hinchley

November 2, 2012

Tim Hinchey, President of Colorado Rapids, has praised NBC’s coverage of Major League Soccer in helping to grow the game in the US.

Speaking to iSportconnect: “I think you look at what NBC Universal has done for Major League Soccer this past year and the incredible amount of relevancy that is coming our way thanks to having a major broadcast partner get behind our league is critical for the growth of the game. 

While looking at TV ratings, Hinchey suggested more people have tuned into soccer in the US.

“Going back and looking back at the TV ratings for the last World Cup and the European Championships and some of these matches, people are getting that this sport is important and relevant to our culture now in the United States. So, for our national broadcast that covers some of the most important athletic events in our country to embrace the biggest and most important league in the world and for them now to have a foothold now in the game is only great for Major League Soccer and for all of our clubs,” he said.