Exclusive: Modern Pentathlon President Unhappy with London 2012 TV Coverage

By Community | September 11, 2012

Dr Klaus Schormann, President of Modern Pentathlon, has today reiterated his disappointment with London 2012’s coverage of the event.

Speaking exclusively to iSportconnect, Schormann said: “If you look at the last World Cup Final in Chengdu, there was perfect graphics and drama shown, but we are not satisfied with the television production in London.

“It was of a lower level and normally the Olympic Games have a higher level of presentation. What we have to find out now is why certain graphics that existed over the years have not been used. I do not know why these wishes that we have bought forward have not come to reality.”

However he did praise LOCOG for the staging of the overall event.

“In general, it was good and I was very impressed. They have been very open-minded with all the discussions and our wishes. I was impressed with how it was organised, the facilities, the spectators, the fantastic volunteers and the city.”

The President also suggested the organisation had done everything in it’s power to remain an Olympic sport for the forseeable future.

“We have fulfilled all the requests they (IOC) have given us over the years. If you take out Pentathlon, you take out part of the heart of the Olympics, as well as the legacy of Coubertin,” he said.

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