Exclusive: MediaCom Swoop for Misha Sher to Oversee Pele Partnerships

August 20, 2012

By Ismail Uddin

Misha Sher the Director of Partnerships at MediaCom Sport spoke exclusively to iSportconnect about their recent partnership deal with Pele.

Through a four year contract signed with Legends 10, MediaCom Sport will support future global brand extensions for one of the most legendary sporting figures in the world which is a unique worldwide deal for a Media company.

Pele’s marketability has risen with Brazil staging the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the Rio 2016 Olympics. Over 60 sponsors will be looking to leverage brand activation with scaled marketing budgets over the next four years, estimated by MediaCom to be over $2bn in the run up to these global events.

Misha Sher, the newly appointed Director of Partnerships and Brands at MediaCom Sport said: “Media agencies wouldn’t typically represent athletes but in this case you’re talking about Pele. He’s not just an athlete he’s a humanitarian, a true living legend and icon.

“Mediacom is one of the biggest media agencies in the world with contacts and relationships with some of the biggest brands across the globe. Being able to offer Pele to many of the clients we already work with is quite unique and hasn’t been done in the past.”

Stephen Allan, Chairman of MediaCom said: “We will help Pelé communicate his passion for humanitarianism, cultural diversity and sport on the world advertising stage, and offer a truly unique opportunity for our clients.

“As our clients demand more unique and bespoke communication platforms to stand out in a very cluttered media environment, Pelé, the IOC’s Athlete of the Century, offers a platform for unparalleled brand communication and sports marketing strategies.

“MediaCom is breaking new ground as the only media agency network to represent a sporting icon in this way.”

With opportunities for global brands to partner with one of the most iconic faces in the world, this partnership will see appearances of Pelé in future advertising on a national, regional and global scale.

This will potentially include TV commercials, product endorsements and other areas of brand extensions.

Sher added: “When you put Pele and Brazil together, who are going to host two major global events, then he is incredibly attractive to brands who are interested in that market. But Pele’s appeal is truly global which means that he offers brands a very unique opportunity to connect with audiences from every corner of the planet.

“The interest which we have received since the announcement has been truly remarkable and we’re having serious conversations with various parties”

This deal is also going to boost Brazil when the spotlight turns to them in the next four years.  With a predicted value of $4bn of rights investment fees for the next World Cup and Olympic Games in Brazil, MediaCom Sport will raise awareness of Brazil’s ever increasing influence on the world stage.

MediaCom represents $25bn advertising spend per year and works with global advertisers such as Procter & Gamble, Dell and Volkswagen Group.  Pelé will work alongside a variety of clients and across multiple markets through MediaCom Sport.

The former global partnerships director at Rangers commented: “Every time you host a major event it obviously puts your city on the map and hosting two major events like the World Cup and Olympics in the space of two years is going to shed an enormous light on Brazil.

“Pele is synonymous with Brazil and that’s something every brand in the world will be aware of.”