Exclusive: Jaguar’s Geoff Cousins Flirts with Motorsport Return

September 20, 2012

Geoff Cousins, advice Global Sponsorship Director for Jaguar, generic has speculated the prestigious car brand may return to motorsport in the near future.

Although Mr Cousins said a return to Formula One – where Jaguar Racing had a five year stint at the beginning of the twenty-first century – is unlikely, he said “our roots are in racing and we would love to go back at some point, possibly at Le Mans or Class Racing”.

Mr Cousins also said that sport has helped turn around the way Jaguar is perceived by the public. “Five or six years ago, Jaguar was seen as the old man’s car and the old man’s brand” he said. “I think it (sport) has been absolutely fundamental in turning the Jaguar brand around in the UK.”

He also outlined his criteria for selecting potential sponsors: “For me, it is important to work with a partner who wants to work with you as much as you want to work with them. Therefore, you get the stuff that’s not written down in the contract because it’s a two way street.” 

Finally, after talking about the Olympics, Mr Cousins talked about the Jaguar Academy of Sport, where potential stars of the future, with ambassadors such as Jess Ennis, Mo Farah and Sir Chris Hoy heavily involved. He said that being involved with younger athletes means that they have an affinity with the brand, before stressing that the Academy was “holistic development programme”, designed to coach and help younger athletes.

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