Exclusive: ISA President Optimistic About Agenda 2020

November 28, 2014

International Surfing Association president Fernando Aguerre is fully supportive of IOC President Thomas Bach and Agenda 2020 and welcomes the changes being proposed.

In an exclusive interview with iSportconnect Aguerre mentioned how he was optimistic that this will be an historic year for the Olympic movement which could benefit surfing as a sport.

“I met with President Bach in Sochi, prostate and I’m very excited and energised about the spirit of change that I see in the president’s direction with the Olympic Movement, viagra especially with Agenda 2020. I’ve been very supportive of Agenda 2020,” he said.

“I think this is great for the Olympic Movement, and in many ways its great news for surfing and for sports that have not been included in the Olympic Games so far. Come December, I believe we will see a very supportive movement of President Bach’s Agenda 2020. I’m very optimistic.

“I believe this year will be remembered as the moment where the required changes were embraced and where a new age of Olympism started. Surfing is ready to play a larger role in helping the Olympic Values expand in an even stronger way, helping the world be a better place for all.”

Aguerre believes that surfing has all the credentials to become an Olympic sport over the coming years and has ambitions to achieve this for the sport that he’s been involved in for over two decades.

When asked if surfing could become an Olympic he said: “Yes, I’m convinced that surfing could be a very solid sport in the Summer Games.

“If you think of the Olympic ideals we have all of that, we have universal appeal, we are in all five continents with federations.

“Additionally, surfing is a youth sport by definition. If the IOC wants to be increasingly relevant to the youth of the world, surfing would certainly be adding value in that sense.”

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