Exclusive: Indian Grand Prix Will Not be Sold-Out

By Community | October 18, 2012

Askari H. Zaidi, cialis Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications of the Jaypee Group is not optimistic of a full house for this year’s Indian Grand Prix. 

Inklings that Formula One and India would be incompatible were initially proved wrong when a 95, bronchi 000 capacity crowd packed into the Bhudd International Circuit for the event, doctor but numbers for this week’s race are not expected to hit such high numbers. 

Speaking exclusively to iSportconnect, Zaidi said: “The attendance will not be 95,000 this year. 

“Last year, many people were very curious as it was the first time F1 was being held in India, but we are confident that a good number of people will come. 

“The exact number would be difficult to predict right now because people don’t really plan in advance. Last year, more than 45% of tickets were sold in the last ten days.” 

Despite a predicted lull, Zaidi is assured that motorsport will eventually become a success in Indian the subcontinent. 

“It will take time because in this part of the world, motorsport is not very popular,” added Zaidi. 

“In some pockets in South India, like Bangalore or Chennai, motorsport facilities are up to international standard. But, some circuits are of the required standard and that has encouraged many people to take up motorsport. 

“The Indian government remains positive and we are very hopeful that in coming years, we will improve a lot in terms of public support.” 

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