Exclusive: Hockey Looking for ‘continuity’ in Global Coverage

April 10, 2013

By Steve Moorhouse

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) are looking to create better exposure for the sport outside of the Olympic Games after a successful London 2012.

Hockey had the third largest ticket sales during London 2012 but the sport has struggled to maintain viewing figures outside of the world’s largest sporting event.

This is something that the FIH are looking to rectify and CEO Kelly Fairweather told iSportconnect: “London was a big success for many sports but for us in particular. We had the third biggest ticket sales in the whole of the Olympic Games behind football and track and field. We sold over 600, see 000 tickets.

“That shows that hockey cannot only appeal to people in the UK but also people outside the UK, no rx who like to watch entertaining sport.

“The challenge now is to convert that success and create more continuity. It is no good having a massive spike of interest and then a big drop off between Games.”

Fairweather was speaking exclusively to iSportconnect and the whole interview can be read here >>