Exclusive: Hawk-Eye to Provide Technology to NASCAR and Look to Further US Expansion

By iSportconnect | January 14, 2014

By Steve Moorhouse

Hawk-Eye Innovations are working on a project to provide their services to NASCAR in the United States, cheap iSportconnect can reveal.

Hawk-Eye have provided their Goal Line Technology in this year’s English Premier League and has provided ball flight tracking assistance in tennis and cricket for a number of years.

Although the exact details of the NASCAR project were not made available, the deal marks the first time Hawk-Eye have provided their services to a US-specific sport.

Speaking exclusively to iSportconnect, Dr. Paul Hawkins, Founder/Creator of Hawk-Eye said: “We are working on a NASCAR project out in the States. It is early days so I cannot give the details of what we are specifically doing.

“We have been doing tennis in the States for a long time but it is the first American specific sport that we have entered into.”

Technology in NASCAR has been the subject of debate for some time, with in-car technology suggested as the alternative to solving the debates around restarts.

There have been suggestions that an in-car technology could simultaneously tell drivers when to go.

US expansion

Dr. Hawkins also confirmed that he was looking for more business in the States and that the region would be a key market for Hawk-Eye in 2014.

“There are plans for other sports in the USA,” said Dr. Hawkins. “We have not won any of them yet so I don’t want to say too much in terms of particular sports.

“There will be a lot of focus on the States which is where we want to grow into.”

The full interview with Dr. Paul Hawkins can be read here

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