Exclusive England Hockey CEO Hopes Potential UK Sport Merger Won’t Hamper their Progress

By Community | October 19, 2012

Sally Munday, viagra CEO of England Hockey hopes any potential Sport England merger with UK Sport will not deter the organisations from reaching their goals. 

Speaking to iSportconnect, sale Munday believes a possible merger will be more superficial rather than change the ethos of each organisation.

“My understanding is that the decision to formally merge those organisations is being reviewed, but whether it goes ahead or not is probably unlikely in a formal merger. I think they’ll probably end up sharing office space,” she said. 

She continued: “Ultimately, it’s very difficult to merge an organisation that is UK based with an organisation that is based purely in England and I think that there are some real challenges around that. I don’t think it’s a particularly straight forward thing to achieve. 

“Also, separately to that, whilst they’re both obviously dealing with sport, they have very different objectives. UK is so much about the elite and what they’ve done really well is kept their focus on things that are adding value to us and make us successful on the world stage, and I wouldn’t want to see that diluted.”

“Sport England, likewise, do a fantastic job supporting us and helping us to drive participation. “

“I don’t have a strong feeling that it has to happen or doesn’t have to happen. What I want to protect is that both those organisations get the ability to carry on doing what they’re doing because they both provide critical support to us, for us to achieve our own objective.”