Exclusive: EDF Sponsorship Renewal can Help BPA ‘increase awareness’ says Reddish

By iSportconnect | March 25, 2013

By Steve Moorhouse

The recent sponsorship renewal between EDF Energy and the British Paralympic Association (BPA) will help the charity reach a wider audience than what they would have been able to previously.

EDF signed a new deal that will see the London 2012 partners continue up to Rio 2016 and BPA President Tim Reddish has said the new deal will help them expand.

Speaking exclusively to iSportconnect, erectile Reddish said: “What’s really exciting for us is the opportunity to connect with EDF Energy’s customer base, raising awareness of the BPA brand and garnering support for ParalympicsGB.

“We’ve had fantastic support internally from EDF Energy so far, but for a small organisation, and a charity, of only 25 people the opportunity to reach out to so many people in the UK is invaluable to us.

“One in four people in the UK either have a disability themselves or know someone with a disability, so if this partnership makes more people aware of the BPA and as a result helps to increase awareness of the opportunities for disabled people to get into sport then we will be incredibly pleased.”

Reddish also went on to say that EDF’s renewal will help the athelets as they look to repeat the success of London 2012 in Rio in three years’ time.

He added: “EDF Energy are providing funds that will be used to put the best possible support and infrastructure in place for the athletes aiming to compete in Sochi and Rio.

“A lot of hard work and effort goes into making a team successful at the Paralympic Games, and we want to retain the high position on the medal table that we’ve achieved in recent Games.”

Reddish went on to comment: “EDF Energy were a highly valued partner to the BPA during the London 2012 cycle. They took a very collaborative approach to the partnership and quickly showed their passion for the Paralympics.

“They really see the value of the Paralympic brand and the power of Paralympians in connecting with people and transforming perceptions of disability.

“We were keen to continue the relationship with them not just because they are providing vital funds to help us in our preparations for Sochi and Rio, but also because of their enthusiasm and drive to help us maximise the momentum of London 2012.”