Exclusive: Crystal Palace Chairman Steve Parish Says FIFA Needs to Change the ‘Constitution’

June 12, 2015

Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish believes a change of the ‘constitution’ is needed at FIFA if the governing body is to move past the issues it is currently facing. 

Speaking exclusively to iSportconnect, Parish gave his thoughts on the FIFA crisis and what needs to change.

“If things are wrong at FIFA they’re institutionally wrong and it seems they need to change the constitution,” he said.

“So one country, one vote, seems to not have worked particularly well for them, its kept the wrong people in power. The critical time for everybody is now.”

Parish believes this is a very important time for football and the decisions moving forward must be the correct ones for the sport and FIFA.

“It is a critical time for football and football needs to make sure that it gets it right and of course transparency and integrity very much need to be at the heart of any organisation and a new constitution of that particular organisation needs to take that into account.”

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The full BIG interview with Steve Parish will be available on 22nd June.