Exclusive: Colorado Rapids in Talks with Potential Shirt Sponsor

November 13, 2012

Tim Hinchey, medic President of the Colorado Rapids, has revealed that the Major League Soccer club is locked in negotiations with a potential shirt sponsor.

Along with Sporting Kansas City, the Rapids are the only other MLS club to have not had a paid sponsor on the front of their jersey.

Speaking exclusively to iSportconnect, Hinchey said: “We’ve been engaged with a particular company for the last couple of months.

“Nowadays, the average shirt sponsorship in the United States is worth over $2.5million per year, for a minimum of three years. When you’re going to a potential commercial partner and asking for $7.5million plus, that’s a decision that needs real consideration throughout the company.”

The American has been credited for securing Derby County’s current shirt sponsorship with buymobilephones.net, but due to the oversaturated Denver market, acquiring a partner hasn’t come as smoothly as it had done in the Midlands.

“Denver is the 18th sized market and we have as many professional sports team as the New York market so when you talk about a share of voice for your brand, you have to be very clever to deliver what is required to be successful,” said Hinchey.

“After having success delivering one for Derby County, I thought we could come in, take the same best practices and get it done, but it’s not gone as fast as I thought.”

While Hinchey may have to remain patient and take his time when tying down a shirt sponsor, the Rapids continue to improve every other element of the business

Hinchey revealed: “Our season ticket base has nearly doubled in the last two years. Our revenue, sponsorship and partnership are up again. Food and beverage, concession, retail- everything is pointing in the right direction.

“The elusive partner for the shirt is the last piece for us to become a profitable entity.”

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