Exclusive: Bloomberg Sports to Enter More Sports as it Targets Being Premier Provider of Analytics

April 22, 2013

By Ismail Uddin

Bill Squadron, doctor President of Bloomberg Sports, has revealed the sports analytics company is looking to target opportunities in a number of sports. 

Bloomberg Sports are heavily associated with Major League Baseball but have made steps of late to enter the European Football market and are looking to enter other sports. 

He told iSportconnect exclusively: “We started in Baseball and we have been in it for a number of years now. It has been part of our core from the beginning but we are excited about the opportunities in NFL, European Football, Tennis Basketball, Ice Hockey and Cricket. We think Rugby has tremendous opportunity and we also think Golf has as well.” 

“In a lot of these sports there is a tremendous amount of data but there has not been enough work done on analysis and developing interesting insights and probabilities around looking at the data. We feel we can do that very well and make our experience more engaging for the fan once we get into it, so we are quite excited about moving into all of these sports and achieving our goal to become the premier provider of sports analytics worldwide.” 

The former Sportvision CEO believes their new BSports Match Analysis product will allow them a greater foothold in the European Football Market.

“We think that the match analysis product will be very successful because it appeals to two different audiences.

“First of all we believe that fans of Football will find it engaging and compelling, give them greater insight and allow them to enjoy watching the match much more than they have in the past. The visualisations, graphs, charts and analytics for any football fan will be really fun and interesting.

“Secondly for people who are betting on Football matches the projections that we provide with Match Analysis are the most accurate anywhere and will actually provide for someone wagering a value proposition where they can compare our forecasts to the odds offered by their bookmaker.“

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