Ex-Sportsbrand pair set up new company

October 6, 2010

Peter Wraith, the ex-Sportsbrand Media Group chief executive has joined forces with the organisation’s former marketing director Matt Whytcross to start a new company called Inverleigh Media Holdings.

Inverleigh is a market company that will be involved in the development, production and international distribution of programming for a range of media platforms. Wraith and Whytcross will act as partners in the new venture.

Wraith said: “This is in many ways a natural extension of the effective management partnership that has existed between Matt and I for over 11 years. We are aware of the likely comparisons to our former company, but I think it will be clear in a short time frame that Inverleigh is a very different animal in terms of its ambition, product offering and operational direction.”

Inverleigh will initially have offices in London and Melbourne, with each of the partners working in one of the locations.

Wraith added: “We’ve successfully worked together this way for a number of years and as our business is essentially international, there are definite advantages in us operating from different locations, particularly in terms of servicing an international client base.”