E.Wedel Named First Polish National Sponsor of Euro ’12

March 30, 2011

The first Polish national sponsor for the UEFA Euro 2012 championships, co-hosted by Poland and Ukraine, has been announced as chocolate brand E.Wedel, the nation’s oldest chocolate brand sold by Kraft Foods to Japan-based Lotte Group last June.

Under the terms of the deal, Wedel will benefit from a range of rights, including brand recognition in official premises and the ability to run ticket promotions for its customers.

David Taylor, CEO of the UEFA Events SA division of European soccer’s governing body, stated: “The signing of the first Polish national sponsor for UEFA Euro 2012 marks another milestone in the build-up to the final tournament.

“The interest we have received from many Polish companies to be part of the sponsorship programme shows that these companies wish to be part of an event that will promote Poland and the best of what Poland has to offer,” Taylor added.

Paul Szczesniak, managing director of E.Wedel, said: “Euro 2012 is the biggest event ever to come to this part of Europe and we are very proud that Poland is co-hosting this prestigious tournament.”