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Eurovision Creates WorldFeed+ Sports Channel For Rights-Free Content

April 27, 2020

Eurovision has created a brand new channel, WorldFeed+ Sports, to give broadcasters access to rights-free sports content.

In these unprecedented times, with most sports events either cancelled or postponed, broadcasters face a challenge in sourcing sports content for their channels. With record TV audiences, at their peak, why not look beyond usual formats and experiment with new ways to engage with your viewers?

Thanks to our relationships with worldwide sports federations and the Eurovision Global Network connecting thousands of broadcasters, we took the initiative to bring together the sports and media worlds and establish a platform for sharing free-of-rights content.

How does it work?

  • From 27 April 2020, Eurovision Services will start operating a dedicated HD satellite channel called WorldFeed+ Sports, in each geographical zone to transmit archive content made available by partnering content owners.
  • We will communicate daily schedules of events and programs on WorldFeed+ Sports at least 24h in advance by email and on our website.
  • The content will include new and archive competitions, highlights, packages and special programmes.
  • All content will be free of rights for participating broadcasters until 31 August 2020 (unless indicated otherwise).
  • We are offering a free trial of this new service to all broadcasters. You can subsequently book access to WorldFeed+ Sports on a weekly or monthly basis for a small technical access fee.

Eurovision Media Services Eurovision Sport