Eurosport Tokyo 2020

Eurosport Unveils Brand Identity For Tokyo 2020

March 12, 2019

Eurosport has unveiled its new brand identity for Tokyo 2020 based on Manga, a unique style of Japanese comic book aimed at both adults and children.

The logo unites the Eurosport logo, Olympic rings and Manga-influenced Tokyo 2020 typeface, thus bridging the gap between western and eastern cultures and ushering Manga into a new era.

JB Perrette, President and CEO Discovery International, said: “Eurosport broadcasts 70% of the Summer Olympic sport disciplines so our line-up of world-class experts are uniquely placed to tell the stories that really matter, delivering unrivalled sports expertise. Our award-winning Eurosport cube was a huge hit and we will amplify this experience using the latest technologies for Tokyo 2020 to immerse fans in the action like never before.”

George Aivazoglou, Vice President of Marketing at Eurosport, added: “We wanted our Tokyo 2020 brand identity to create a unique symbol that incorporates and respects Japanese culture and the iconic Eurosport logo, to become instantly recognisable and resonate with millions of people watching the Games across Europe.

“Over the next 18 months, fans will witness how this new creative vehicle will underpin Eurosport’s marketing campaign ahead of and during Tokyo 2020. With this design we believe we have created a visual identity that is versatile, conveys the dynamic side of the Games and engages younger generations – truly visionary.”


Eurosport Tokyo 2020