Eurosport Launches iPhone Score App

October 7, 2011

Eurosport has launched a new score app for the iPhone. Livescore is a free application that provides a variety of information including lives scores, cialis results, rankings and incidents from live sporting events and fixtures in a range of team and individual sports.

Users can follow worldwide events including football, tennis rugby, basketball, and ice hockey and the app’s launch will coincide with tonight’s important international football fixtures.

Livescore allows users to follow a particular team or tennis player throughout the season. The application could be a valuable resource for journalists and media personnel as well as sports fans. The service is available in English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Polish, Italian, and Swedish.

Eurosport said it was encouraged to create of the app following a recent survey that revealed live score updates were the preferred use of 89% of Eurosport’s news app users.

Eurosport chairman and CEO Laurent-Eric Le Lay said: “Livescore enriches and gives a new dimension to our mobile offering as well as taking the Eurosport brand into new and exciting areas. Fans, journalists and sports fanatics across Europe will love the app which is fully customisable and will cater to their every need.”