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European Tour Launches Game Improvement Platform With

October 9, 2019

The European Tour has launched a new platform with to help golfers improve their game.

Thanks to the Tour joining together with, fans will have access to tutoring videos from some of the world’s leading coaches in order to improve their playing ability. has instructional videos from tour pro Robert Rock, putting guru Phil Kenyon, Hugh Marr, Lee Cromblehome, Rob Goldup and 3D biomechanics champion Dr. Mark Bull. They also recently added Paul Casey and his coach, Peter Kostis.

‘Instructional content will be regularly updated to ensure fans have access to the latest tips and techniques to help them with their own games’ say The European Tour. To gain access to the platform, fans have the option of paying either a monthly or yearly subscription or paying on-demand for each series they access.

The European Tour’s Chief Content Officer, Rufus Hack, said: “Golfers around the world are constantly in pursuit of ways to improve their game and this new platform allows them to access content from some of the world’s top players and top coaches – the experts who help our leading professionals on a daily basis.”

“We are a platform for true golfers made by tour golfers – be it coaches or players. We are not just another video library, but a way to connect the best teachers to the most eager improvers and we want the listen to the users on how to improve the platform as well,” said Mikko Back, CEO of, “Having the backing and support of the European Tour allows us to grow our brand for the future and we are looking forward to helping fans around the world improve their golf game.”


coaching European Tour Golf platform The European Tour