Germany football team

European Qualifiers Deliver Big Audiences

By Community | March 28, 2019

National team football matches have been delivering chart-topping audiences around in recent days with European qualifiers in full swing.

Italy’s 6-0 home win over Liechtenstein on Tuesday evening gave RAI 1 the biggest Italian TV audience of the day with 7.295 million viewers and a share of 28%.

On Sunday, Germany’s 3-2 away victory over Holland was number one on television in both Germany and The Netherlands.

In Germany, RTL pulled 11.11 million viewers for the first half and 12.50 million for the second, and the match drew a big 39.2% share in the 14-49 demographic.

Dutch public broadcaster NPO1 had 3.418 million viewers for the game with a massive 50.7% share.

The same match also aired in Spain, where Cuatro drew 1.223 million viewers and 6.8% share.

In France, the national team’s 4-1 away win over Moldova drew the biggest audience of the day on Friday with 6.392 million viewers on TF1 and a share of 29.4%.

On Tuesday in Germany, the U-21 match between Germany and England got up to 320,000 viewers on ProSieben Maxx.

Germany football team