European Games 2019 Hosts to be Decided in May

November 21, 2014

The European Olympic Committee (EOC) has confirmed it will name the host of the 2019 European Games in May 2015.

The inaugural European Games will be held in Baku, discount Azerbaijan in June 2015 and the announcement was made by the EOC at an executive committee meeting in Baku yesterday.

The EOC also confirmed that it was considering bid from six cities, cialis who will rename anonymous for now.

EOC president Patrick Hickey (pictured) said the timeframe for selecting the next host city would give them the necessary time required to assess and decide which of the six cities is best suited to host the Games.

“The process will take slightly longer than we first anticipated, but having six cities on the table is a dilemma we are very happy to have,” he said.

“We have had to turn away 14 sports from the inaugural edition in Baku, and we are going to be turning away five top-class potential hosts for the second edition – clearly the European Olympic family has a huge amount of enthusiasm for a continental games.”

Hickey added: “We do not want to put cities through a lengthy expensive process.

“We want to focus on flexibility, innovation, sustainability and value for hosts, athletes, fans and commercial partners.”