European Football Must Accept the Idea of a Winter World Cup in Qatar says Platini

August 29, 2013

Michel Platini thinks European football must accept and adapt to the idea of the Qatar 2022 World Cup being held in the winter.

Platini, President of UEFA has long supported the winter World Cup notion, with temperatures in the Gulf state soaring to above 40 degrees in the summer months.

Speaking to Sky Sports News, Platini said: “If it’s in December or November it could be a problem, if it’s in January it will not be a problem.

“It will be very specific for one year – instead of finishing (the season) in May, we finish in June. I’ve already looked at that and for me there is no problem.

“FIFA will decide and organise it, but perhaps the European leagues will make a proposal to FIFA.

“If you think that the World Cup is the best tournament in the world – in all sports – you play in the season that is best for the fans and players.”

Platini believed that moving the tournament would be beneficial to the fans and would help create a positive atmosphere around the event.

“I was in South Africa (in 2010), and at five o’clock I was in the hotel because it was freezing,” he added. “It was not nice, because there was no atmosphere, there was no big festival in the cities because it was too cold.

“If we go to Qatar and it’s 55 degrees, it’s not possible for the fans to come, but if it’s in winter I think it will be very nice.

“And we have to adapt to that for the World Cup – the best event in football. The World Cup brings the people to look at this wonderful thing. That’s why I support the fact we have to play when the season is best.”

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