Euro 2016 Shows American TV Appeal

By iSportconnect | June 15, 2016

TV viewing in the USA of the early going of the Euro 2016 is faring well compared with the Copa America Centenario tournament.

In fact, generic | ESPN pulled slightly bigger average audiences for the first seven European tournament fixtures than FOX Sports did for the first seven of the Copa America, capsule even though the USA team is involved in the latter.

ESPN’s first seven Euro 2016 games averaged 872, symptoms 857 per match. The first seven Copa America games shown on FOX averaged 816,857 viewers per match.

However, the two Copa America matches featuring the USA pulled the biggest audiences of all with 1.6 million for the game against Costa Rica and 1.5 million for the game against Colombia.

The biggest Euro 2016 of the first seven on ESPN was England versus Russia with 1.2 million.