EPL CEO Lauds ‘Equitable’ B’cast Distribution as Utd Set Records

May 25, 2011

English Premier League soccer champion Manchester United has become the first club in the country to earn more than £60m (US$97.2m) in one season from broadcast income and prize money.

United earned £60.4m ($97.8m) this season, largely thanks to lucrative new overseas TV deals brokered by the top flight league. Despite earning the lowest amount of any Premier League club, relegated Blackpool still generated £39.1m ($63.3m) in TV and prize money.

Premier League CEO Richard Scudamore stated: “We believe that our income distribution mechanism, the most equitable of Europe’s major football leagues, rewards sporting success while also guaranteeing a significant amount to each club in order that they can plan from one season to the next.

“Many have commented on the competitive nature of this season’s Barclays Premier League. The clubs deserve huge credit for putting on a fantastic competition. We believe the way we distribute broadcast income plays a part in allowing each club to compete at the highest level.”

This season, each club received £13.8m ($22.35m) as the equal share of domestic TV rights and £17.9m ($29m) as the equal share of overseas broadcast rights. On top of that, every place in the Premier League table is worth £756,000 ($1.22m) with title-winner United earning a maximum £15.1m ($24.5m).