English Premier League Eager to Introduce Own FFP Rules

November 15, 2012

The English Premier League has forwarded a motion to introduce their own Financial Fair Play regulations next season.

The notion was made at a shareholders meeting in London today involving all of the top flight clubs, where it was suggested that regulations on finances would mirror that of European governing body UEFA.

UEFA’s Financial Fair Play rules are on the horizon with European football’s governing body wanting to ban clubs operating at a loss, and a number of Premier League teams want to introduce similar guidelines.

The three main proposals which the clubs will vote on are Financial Fair Play, Wage Restraint and Contract Guarantees, and any motion needs 14 of the 20 chairmen to agree to be passed.

“I really think every club in the Premier League has this desire to break even at least,” Wigan chairman Dave Whelan told Sky Sports News.

The Premier League, which is a multi-billion dollar organisation are believed be aiming to introduce this new proposal next season. 

For the notion to pass, 14 clubs out of the league’s 20 will have to approve it.