Eng-Ire Most Watched Non-India CWC Match

March 10, 2011

The International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cup shock result which saw Ireland mount a terrific run chase to beat England has been confirmed as the most watched non-India game in the host nation.

The Irish completed the major upset after successfully chasing a seemingly unassailable 327 runs, helped in no small part by the fastest century innings in the tournaments history by Kevin O’Brien, who hit 100 runs off just 50 balls.

Non-India World Cup matches involving the weaker sides have seen average ratings for the nine matches standing at 0.74 TVR, though the England-Ireland game more than doubled that by reaching a rating of 1.78 TVR while the peak rating for the match was 8.48 TVR.

Second in the list was the match involving Pakistan-Canada, which saw the former snatching victory after being bowled out by the North American team for 184 runs, notching up ratings of 1.69 TVR with peak ratings standing at 4.63 TVR.