Ehrmann Extends Shirt Sponsorship of SC Freiburg

November 7, 2011

Ehrmann, the dairy manufacturer from the German Allgäu region has renewed its shirt sponsorship of SC Freiburg.

The Bundesliga club announced the deal along with its marketing partner Infront Sports & Media and Ehrmann AG ahead of Freiburg’s 2-1 win over FC Nürnberg.

The Ehrmann brand will continue to be represented on the team’s shirts throughout the 2011/12 season. 

The contract extension between Ehrmann and SC Freiburg bolsters the successful partnership into the next round. The Allgäu-based family business has occupied the main sponsor role of the club since 2010.

Last season, this was specifically demonstrated through the company’s support for the club’s football school, best known for its sustained young player development and – this year again – certified by UEFA with the highest ranking of three stars.  As a partner, Ehrmann will also remain committed to Freiburg’s football apprentices and the ‘little foxes club’.

Based on the new contract, Ehrmann will receive prominent logo positioning on SC Freiburg shirts beyond the 2011/12 season. The new package has been enhanced for the future and also includes promotional opportunities in the badenova-stadium, PR events with players and additional high-reach advertising space in camera view. This includes static advertising boards, perspective carpets (get-ups) and state-of-the-art LED advertising boards provided by Infront.

Christian Ehrmann, Chairman of Ehrmann AG, said: “After the beneficial cooperation of the past year, the early extension with SC Freiburg was a logical step for Ehrmann. Together with Infront and the club we have been able to successfully implement and activate our sponsorship commitment. For us the popular image of SC Freiburg, as a down-to-earth, family-owned company, is an ideal communications environment.”

Fritz Keller, First Chairman of SC Freiburg, added: “The reactions to the introduction of Ehrmann as a shirt sponsor last year were overwhelmingly positive. The common values make this partnership authentic and have contributed to its success. The fact that Ehrmann has decided to extend its commitment during a challenging sporting period shows the long-term perspective of the company and demonstrates strong trust in the potential of SC Freiburg.”

“Two brands, one philosophy – that is the foundation of the successful partnership between SC Freiburg and Ehrmann,” added Ralf Koslowski, Managing Director of Infront Germany. “The extension guarantees continuity for the club thanks to the ongoing support of a strong partner. Ehrmann will continue to benefit from a wide-reaching sponsorship platform, which as marketing partner, we work to constantly enhance – this season for example with new LED boards.”