Efes Renew Long-Term Russian Football Union Sponsor

March 28, 2011

The Russian Football Union (RFS) has secured an extension of a long-term sponsorship deal with the Russian wing of beverage group Efes.

Stary Melnik, an Efes brand, has been named an official sponsor of the Russian national soccer team, a status that previously had only been enjoyed by non-Russian beers.

The Istanbul-based beverage group’s Russian brand has been a sponsor of the RFS since 2001, with Stary Melnik beginning their relationship with the association the following year.

Evrim Hizaler, marketing director of Efes Russia, said: “We are pleased to work with the Russian Football Union and the Russian national team, who hold the sporting hopes and ambitions of millions of fans. We hope the team continues to delight the fans during the qualifying rounds of Uefa Euro 2012. We all want to see the success of our team.”

While expressing his happiness at the continuation of Efes’ sponsorship despite “complexities associated with the legislation of the Russian Federation,” RFS commercial director Boris Onikul declined to reveal how much the new contract is worth.

Dick Advocaat, head coach of the Russian national team, added: “It is very important to have a loyal sponsor like Stary Melnik. We look forward to supporting the company. To be honest, I do not drink beer but the players say they like it!”