Ecclestone Expecting Big Crowds if F1 Olympic Stadium Track Given Approval

By Community | August 5, 2012

Bernie Ecclestone visited the London’s Olympic Park on the weekend against a backdrop of F1 being considered as one of four bids involved in the legacy planning of the site once the 2012 games are over.

The F supremo was impressed by the number of people supporting the London games. “It’s surprising how many people have come out,” he said. “It’s good. I’m sure we’d get big crowds.”

The Intelligent Transport Services company is the driving force behind the F1 project and Ecclestone added: “Somebody is looking about going into the centre of the arena and out again, so whether it’s going to happen or not, we’ll have to look and see.”

The other three bids related to the future of the site are all soccer-based, with West Ham United being favourites. Leyton Orient are also in the bidding, as well as the University College of Football Business. An F1 future for the site is thus regarded as being a long shot.

The 80,000 capacity Olympic Stadium will be reduced to 60,000 after the games, will retain its running track and will host the World Athletic Championships in 2017.

The London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) has said that it is possible that more than one bid will be successful. The two football clubs have ruled out a ground share, however, to potentially a joint lease deal may prove possible if permission was forthcoming for the running of a London-based grand prix in and around the stadium site.

Such approval would not be the work of a moment, however, and the LLDC has said that a decision is expected by autumn.