Dubai Opts Against 2024 Olympic Games Bid

By iSportconnect | July 11, 2013

Plans for a Dubai 2024 Olympic Games bid have been put on hold because the government is not ready to become involved with the process.

Wajdan Dakhooni, Head of Strategic Planning for the UAE National Olympic Committee told 7Days: “I don’t think they are bidding for it this time.

“We don’t have the reasons yet, we don’t know exactly, but probably, maybe, the government is not ready yet to participate in an Olympic bid.”

Dakhooni did say that there were still plans for a future bid but these were now further past 2024.

She added: “There are plans and we are waiting for feedback. Hopefully it will be positive because I think as a country we are ready to go ahead – in terms of facilities, in terms of infrastructure.”