Dubai 2024 Bid Given Public Support

By Community | January 10, 2013

A potential Dubai bid for the 2024 Olympic Games has been given public support after pollster YouGov revealed Seventy-two per cent of those polled across the Middle East and North Africa would welcome a bid. 

Seventy-eight per cent of those polled said they think Dubai has the infrastructure necessary to host the Olympics.

UAE residents polled in the survey felt an Olympic Games in Dubai would have to be moved to a cooler time of the year. Dubai-based fitness expert Tom Woolf reportedly said making marathon runners or dressage horses compete in sizzling temperatures wouldn’t be safe, but added that a successful bid would “change the face of sport in the UAE”.

He added: “Funding for sport here would increase dramatically. Dubai 2024 would be an incredible incentive for an eight, 10 or 12-year-old to take up a sport and pitch for the podium place.”