What Is Driving The Future of Video Content Marketing?

By Raflin Sarkisyan | October 5, 2018

Triggered by a shift in consumption habits, a new wave of broadcasting platforms and fierce competition for audiences, video content marketing looks to be undergoing a face-lift.

One of the biggest changes concerns the way that people consume this particular format. The increased use of mobile devices has enabled digital content managers to communicate with audiences in ways they never thought possible, forcing them to re-evaluate their approach to video’s production and distribution.

The convenience of being able to watch videos whenever and wherever is creating a greater demand for clips and access. Video is now the number-one choice for branded content – a situation which is creating plenty of opportunities for content owners to monetize off the back of it.

If one thing is for certain, it’s that the future of video content marketing will not be defined by a single trend. It will encompass many different factors and considerations that will cause businesses to adapt the ways they attract, maintain and engage their audiences.

Wildmoka’s service is a reflection of the measures that digital content professionals are having to implement in order to make an impression. We see the following as big considerations for video content marketing going forward:

  • Changing audience behaviour
  • The next generation of broadcasting platforms
  • More competition for audiences
  • New monetization opportunities
  • Full digital transformation

Digital content professionals are operating in an increasingly challenging environment, but help is on the way.

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