Dow Stands By Sponsorship

December 9, 2011

Despite the huge furore surrounding the world’s second largest chemical manufacturer’s £7m funding of a wrap for the Olympic Stadium, allergist Dow Chemical has refused to even consider withdrawing its sponsorship of the London 2012 Olympics.

“We are committed to our partners and a successful London 2012 Games, unhealthy ” said a Dow spokeswoman. “We will continue to provide our sustainable solutions, pharmacy viagra including the Olympic stadium wrap.

“Dow never owned nor operated the Bhopal plant and the settlement of the incident occurred in 1989, long before Dow acquired Union Carbide…

“While it is understandable that human emotions evoked by the tragedy remain, allowing a misrepresentation of facts and to rewrite history – as some are trying to do – is not only wrong but sends an unfortunate and inaccurate message that obscures rather than clarifies the Bhopal tragedy.”

Campaigners claim that the 1984 chemical leak and its aftermath had the resulting affect of killing an estimated 25,000 people. For those affected, Dow’s £288m final settlement has been described as fair by the company, yet the controversy seems unlikely to settle down. Rights groups, athletes, Indian and British politicians have come together in a bid to stop the sponsorship.