Do Good and Talk About it: How to Show Your Regional Commitment by Sponsorship – Sonja Kreye

November 4, 2014

As an entrepreneur you go your own way and you offer product and service solutions for your customers’ problems.

But with your company location you also have numerous obligations.

As an entrepreneur, you are of course known in the region.

You take responsibility for numerous families and should therefore show and use your ties with the region.

Especially for certain kind of employees, those who cannot deal with entrepreneurship, you offer a large attack surface and potential for conflict.

It is clear that you as an entrepreneur have to make sensible business decisions and these can sometimes mean that savings need to be made that affect your employees.

To have built a positive image for those cases already in advance, a local or regional sponsorship makes sense.

Support the local sports or music club, where many of your employees are engaged.

In this way you can show that the cultural offer in the region matters to you and you are very interested in the welfare of your employees and the entire region.

Optimal conditions for a positive image transfer also offers a commitment to social services or support projects for children and young people.

This does not always swallow a huge budget, but should show that you really care about the region and especially the people who live there.

With appropriate measures you can perfectionate your engagements. Looking for new apprentices? Wonderful, you can have a promotion at the next football game.

Even without traditional advertising measures you will win the sympathy of many customers.

Develop an action plan, to see how you can support your region and focus yourself on long-term cooperation.

Continuity gives confidence and only trust will win both new customers and happy employees!

What is your regional marketing? I look forward to your comments.

Sonja Kreye, Sponsorship and PR Consultant, Sonja Kreye Consultancy

Sonja Kreye is a Sponsorship and PR Consultant and is working with customers that include tolimit Sport & Marketing, Publicis Kommunikationsagentur, and Joest Racing Team. She is consulting her customers with regards to sponsorship concepts, sponsorship development and activation as well as with regards to public relations and communications. In her career, Sonja consulted and managed sponsorship concepts for brands such as DHL, Krombacher, Veltins, Sigma, Procter & Gamble and many more. Prior to her current role, Sonja was Business Relations Manager at Porsche and furthermore consulted Formula One race tracks such as Hockenheim, Shanghai and Magny Cours. She is furthermore an editor to various German motor sport and motor sport business magazines.

Sonja holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Media & Marketing from Steinbeis University Berlin, School of Management & Innovation

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