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The Digital Transformation Of Sevilla FC: A Data Revolution

February 10, 2020

Football clubs are working to build the strongest possible relationship with their fans, while at the same fan interactions are becoming more diverse. Whether making a purchase inside the stadium, commenting on a social media post or browsing a mobile application, today’s fan touch points span the physical and digital and come from all over the world.

A common denominator is technology, as the majority of these interactions now involve some kind of online interaction, meaning data is generated. Capturing and understanding this data has therefore become central to any attempt to improve fan relations and thereby increase revenues. At Sevilla FC, this has led to the creation of a whole new way of working.

With the aim of moving the digitalisation of the club forward and of becoming closer with the fans, the Andalusian club began a digital transformation in the past year with the launch of its Business Intelligence Center, a platform for storing data on its contact with fans, both in physical and in digital spaces.

This includes data on the purchases of food and drink at the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán stadium, on the sales of shirts in the club store, on the tickets sold on the website and on much more. Whatever the source, this information is now anonymised and used to build profiles of the club’s fans, allowing for a more personalised and mutually beneficial approach.

Bringing all data into one place
To begin, Sevilla FC carried out an analysis of all sources for existing and future data points, as well as of all contact points that needed to be integrated into its systems. This included interactions on its website, e-commerce transactions, Wi-Fi connections, promotions from its World Fans supporters club and the digital space for members and season ticket holders.

In the second phase, the club’s mobile app will be added, along with the stadium bars, brick-and-mortar shops and other points where information can be gathered.

Bringing such a variety of data points together is a technical and cultural challenge. Ramón Loarte, the club’s director of marketing, commercial and retail, is aware that this digital transformation requires a new way of thinking among the club’s employees. “It has been really difficult, but it has enriched the whole club, from ticketing to social media to IT to digital strategy to our data protection officer,” he said. “Everyone has completed the first phase satisfied, having seen how it has all evolved.”

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