Denver Broncos to Add SpotlightTMS to Executive Suites

By Community | May 14, 2012


The Denver Broncos have agreed a partnership with SpotlightTMS, here  which will provide executive suite holders with a Software as a Service (SaaS) application that enables companies to measure the business impact of their ticket and suite assets.

SpotlightTMS helps ensure that tickets and suites are allocated to the right people for the right business reasons. By providing corporate clientele with SpotlightTMS as a value-added feature of its premium seat packages, doctor the NFL franchise enables its best customers to increase revenue and ROI on the use of their tickets and suites.

“We view suite ownership as a partnership,” said Ryan Barefoot, senior director of premium seating for the Denver Broncos. “We want our corporate clients to get maximum value from their hospitality with us so that we can build and ensure long-term relationships with each of them.”

SpotlightTMS offers companies secure access through the Internet to manage ticket inventories, distribute tickets, analyze the results of ticket usage and acquire additional tickets from multiple sources. The software also helps companies meet IRS and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance reporting requirements and avoid running afoul of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Compliance enforcement exceeds $1.6 billion in fines and penalties to U.S. companies annually.

By using SpotlightTMS, existing corporate customers have put a process in place that results in increased sales effectiveness, reduced ticket fraud through role-based permission approval for ticket requests, and a reduction in administrative time and money. Because SpotlightTMS is delivered through the cloud, Broncos’ corporate customers do not need to invest in additional hardware, or handle software installation, set up or maintenance. The benefits of SpotlightTMS can be realized immediately.

“Sports Authority Field at Mile High offers one of the best premium seating environments in the NFL and provides an ideal venue for solidifying business relationships and closing deals,” said Tony Knopp, SpotlightTMS CEO and co-founder. “Peyton Manning will add prestige to corporate entertaining at Broncos’ games, and Denver-area companies will no doubt be clamoring to attach their brands to the team. By providing SpotlightTMS to these companies, the Broncos are helping them measure the impact of their investment in tickets and suites for corporate entertaining. NFL suites drive significant business and the supporting data is staggering.”

SpotlightTMS pioneered the enterprise sports and entertainment ticket and expense management space with the SpotlightTMS application. Its growing list of enterprise customers seeking to maximize ROI and revenues from their tickets includes Google, AT&T, Comcast, MetLife, Fox Sports, Oracle, NBCUniversal, and Stanley Black & Decker. In addition, professional sports teams from football, hockey and basketball — including the San Antonio Spurs, Indianapolis Colts, Toronto Maple Leafs and a dozen more — are providing SpotlightTMS to their most important customers.