Denmark Players Banned from Using Social Media During Euro 2012

By Community | April 24, 2012

Denmark players going to Euro 2012 will be unable to use social media during the campaign the Danish Football Federation (DBU) has decreed.

“There is so much communication during the championships that we want to limit it to meetings with the media,” the DBU’s communications chief Lars Berendt told the TV2 television programme Sporten.

He added the coach Morten Olsen wanted players to focus on the tournament and for “the 24-7 open microphone” to be shut down.

Instead the the squad will send numerous updates to fans via the team’s own social media sites beside the regular press conferences.

Stoke’s Thomas Sorensen and Ajax’s Christian Eriksen are promminent using Twitter and labelled the decision a “a shame” that players cannot tell fans what they do “without revealing tactics.”

“There was a time when we lived without Twitter and we’ll be able to do it during the Euros,” tweeted Sorensen who has more than 20,000 followers on the social media tool.

by Ismail Uddin

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