Delhi organisers in ticket giveaway scheme to boost attendances

October 6, 2010

Organisers of the Delhi Commonwealth Games are to hand out free tickets to tackle the problem of empty seats.

Many of the competitions have been poorly attended at the Games, asthma which began this week.

Now organisers are hoping to solve this problem with a ticket giveaway scheme to childen adn teh underprivileged.

Chairman of the Delhi organising committee Suresh Kalmadi said: “We are working on the children from schools – already steps have been taken in that direction.

“And also from the low level of society, ed we have been distributing a lot of tickets.”

Kalmadi also said that ticket booths have now been opened at all the venues to make it easier to purchase them.

He added: “There were problems – some of the ticket stalls were not put up, but all the stalls are up now at all the stadiums.”