DAZN Unveils Digital Advertising Platform

April 25, 2019

DAZN has unveiled a suite of dynamic creative assets for brands called ‘DAZN Dynamic’ in association with advertising platform, Adform, and Opta.

The new platform incorporates accurate, detailed real-time sports data and live scores, as well as innovative in-play visualisations, into a range of digital ad formats with the aim to help brands build credibility with specific sports, competitions, teams or players.

David Winstone, Head of Trading, DAZN Media, said: “We’ve seen from earlier testing that by making an ad creative contextually relevant and informative you can drive user engagement. DAZN’s proposition is to change the way that fans see sport and in Media, we believe we have the tools to evolve the way that brands engage with fans – this suite is just the latest example of a much wider resource we have to deliver on that.”

David Hillier, Senior Director, Creative Solutions and Innovation, Adform,said: “The use of data in creative is now offering up a wealth of opportunities to advertisers, in bringing real-time significance and creative sentience to ads. Adform has invested a lot into building out the most varied collection of dynamic creative tools and we are hugely excited about this unique partnership with DAZN and the use of their industry-leading Opta data”