DAZN Increases MotoGP Viewership By 11%

December 4, 2019

Data from Nielsen Sports has revealed that DAZN’s first season of streaming MotoGP on their platform increased the live viewership of the sport by 11%.

Veronica Diquattro, Executive Vice President of DAZN for Southern Europe, said: “The World Championship has had an exceptional reception on the platform. When we arrived in Spain we did it to bring the sport closer to the fans and improve the monitoring of the competitions and, after nine months, the average audience of the live competition has grown by 11 per cent compared to the previous season.”

Manel Arroyo, Director General of Dorna Sports, MotoGP’s rights holder stated: “This year’s audience figures certify the high impact of the MotoGP World Championship in our country. Few sports, only football, currently have higher performance in Spain. On the other hand, our audience shows us the acceptance of new habits to follow the sport. And as proof of this we have the high acceptance that video on demand is having.”