David Beckham Contemplates MLS Franchise Ownership Opportunity

January 20, 2012

David Beckham is considering buying an MLS team after his new two-year contract with the LA Galaxy ends.

Beckham revealed he is weighing up the option at a press conference announcing his extended stay in the USA. “I have the option of owning a franchise, remedy and that excites me”.

The Englishman’s original five-year deal at the LA club included the option to buy a franchise on retirement. The realisation of this was said to be a key element in the latest round of contract talks.

The CEO of Anschutz Entertainment Group, symptoms the LA-based company which owns the Galaxy, Tim Leiweke stated, “He made it very clear to us we have to sort this through, that he’s going to exercise his option to be an owner in Major League Soccer.

“We have a commitment to help him when that time comes and my guess is that, unless that’s part of the Galaxy, we’re going to be competing with him on and off the pitch”.

Leiweke revealed that the relevant processes to allow Beckham to realise this ambition are now in place.

“The partners in the league have structured that option in a way that will allow David to become a partner in the league, to become an owner in the league at some point in the near future and operate and run his own franchise, and we’re going to encourage that.

“Unless I’m mistaken, that’s his future once he does make a decision to retire.”

Since Beckham joined the Galaxy in 2007 and promised to promote the game in the USA, the number of MLS teams has increased to 19 from 12 and, according to the new MLS Champions, the sum to buy into the league through an expansion club is estimated to have quadrupled to $40 million.

Beckham’s net worth was approximated at $291 million in The Sunday Times in May 2010. Forbes estimated the Former England captain’s income in 2010 alone was $40 million.