Football League Financial Fair Play Video- Daniel Geey

August 24, 2012

Field Fisher Waterhouse solicitor and sports law expert, abortion Daniel Geey talks exclusively to iSportconnectTV about the Financial Fair Play rules coming into force in the Football League at the beggining of the 2012/2013 season.

Daniel also talks to us about what this will mean for relegated Premier League sides and potential implications on clubs finances, generic from transfer fees to wage levels. 

With the introduction of FFP showing a huge shift in football economics, this video explores the background and future of the rule changes. With sides such as Portsmouth, Southampton and Leeds in recent years experiencing financial difficulties, this topic is massively important to the future of our game and needs to be explored fully.

We also ask Daniel about the likely consequences of breaking the FFP rules for clubs, with punishments mentioned from heavy fines to transfer embargos. 

The Football League wants the clubs to get their economic houses in order, with recent sponsorship deals such as the ITV digital breakdown still leaving clubs feeling the effects 10 years on. Daniel gives great insight into the reasons for Financial Fair Play.

Watch part 1 of the video

Watch part 2 of the video