Dallas Cowboys Gain New Sponsor in Petit Jeans Meat

September 1, 2011

National Football League team Dallas Cowboys have been joined by a new sponsor Petit Jeans Meat as the ambassador in the Cowboys’ official grill master,

The sponsorship deal that has allowed the company to gain distribution deals with several large grocery chains throughout the state.

David Ruff, Dallas Cowboys CEO, said: “I don’t know about the team but there will be Petit Jean Ham and Petit Jean Bacon in the Dallas Cowboys stadium,” says David Ruff, CEO. He says one conversation began the company’s largest advertising campaign yet.

“Really, just a chance meeting between our marketing director and a man associated with the Cowboys who is actually who they call their grill master. Before we knew it, we were in discussions with the Cowboys about doing a sponsorship which allowed us to become the official ham and bacon of the Dallas Cowboys,”

According to their contract, Ruff says not every part of Texas will have the chance to enjoy the Cowboy’s ham and bacon.

“Houston has a professional football team also, the Houston Texans and there is a 75 mile radius protecting that franchise that we cannot sell our product within that 75 mile radius of Houston,” says Ruff

As for the Cowboys, Ruff says, “Whether the team has it as their pre-game meal or not, I don’t know but we can check on that.”