Dainty Regains Crown Of The USACA

By iSportconnect | April 16, 2012

It has been confirmed that Gladstone Dainty will remain as the president of the USA Cricket Association. Dainty won the re-election by a clear margin of 12 to two over competitor Ram Varadarajan during the weekend.


Gladstone Dainty had been re-elected in 2008 as well, by a closer margin of 18-15, also against California-based Varadarajan. As expected, all the four incumbent candidates were also re-elected. Kenwyn Williams, who was vying for the post of executive secretary, also won. Williams, a New Jersey resident, got 10 votes as opposed to his rival John Aaron’s five.


The voting for second vice-president was as follows. Rafey Syed of Chicago got six votes to Ahmed Jeddy’s five. Michael Gale of Austin, Texas became the first vice-president, getting nine votes as opposed to Shahid Ahmed and Krish Prasad, who got only two. John Thickett, also from Austin, defeated Gangaram Singh by a difference of 12-3 to retain USACA Treasurer’s chair.