Betsafe Boxing Conor McGregor Floyd Mayweather Partnership

Conor McGregor becomes Official Ambassador for Betsafe

August 10, 2017

Betsafe has announced it has signed UFC star Conor McGregor as an EU Ambassador, just weeks ahead of the Mayweather vs McGregor fight in Las Vegas on 26th August.

With Floyd Mayweather having made five trademark applications around a 50-0 record, McGregor is determined to ensure his rival’s record will not proceed beyond 49 wins.

Betsafe is offering odds of 49/1 to all new customers that the Irish star will be victorious.

McGregor and Betsafe have also teamed up to create ‘Notorious Airways’, an exclusive private jet service to fly competition winners to the most-talked about fight in history and receive a taste of the McGregor lifestyle.

Speaking about the partnership, McGregor said: Today I’m happy to announce that I’m partnering up with Betsafe. It is an honour for me to be an Ambassador for this great brand. Although real gamblers know the odds are stacked against them, we also know that passion overcomes the odds.”

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The sponsorship with Conor McGregor will run for the next 18 months across Betsafe’s EU territories.

Betsafe branding will appear on McGregor’s shorts for the upcoming Mayweather fight, and a variety of exciting activations will bring Betsafe customers closer to the UFC star over the coming months.

Nicola Fitton, Managing Director at Betsafe, said: “Conor is one of the biggest athletes in the world today, defined by his extreme talent, work ethic and personality, which are values that we reflect every day at Betsafe.

“We firmly believe that passion always overcomes the odds, and there is no sports star in the world today that both inspires and embodies passion as much as Conor.”

Betsafe Boxing Conor McGregor Floyd Mayweather Partnership