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Connexi Partners With OCEANS Marketing To Expand Asian Market Knowledge

March 6, 2020

Connexi and Oceans Marketing have announced a partnership which will focus on integrating the rapidly growing Asian sponsorship market through the global, data-driven, sponsorship platform Connexi. 

Oceans Marketing are launching their own sponsorship marketplace and by integrating their own platform with Connexi’s will streamline and create wider exposure for Asian sponsorship properties. This will also offer their brand clients a solution to engage with commercially relevant global assets. 

The direct connection between Oceans Marketing’s users and Connexi’s network allows both a global and local solution for brands to find relevant sponsorship assets. It will also allow rights holders a more commercially relevant solution to find new brands. 

Rory Stewart-Richardson, Founder of Connexi: “We are really excited about the launch of Oceans Marketing’s platform in April. Over the last 18 months we have worked hard to provide a data driven solution to Brands and Rights holders whilst ensuring they still remain in control and, by integrating the two databases and technology together, it opens up a huge opportunity for Connexi to expand into the Asian market with expert partners” 

Shoto Zhu, Founder and President, OCEANS Marketing: “We believe that the value of the platform we are building is not only limited to the unprecedented level of the aggregations of global sponsorship opportunities in our cloud, but will also be defined through the tools we are providing, including 3rd party statistics, sponsorship recommendation analysis powered by AI Learning and social media monitoring. We look forward to cultivating the market together with our partner Connexi.” 

Oceans Marketing are set to launch their platform in April, which has been closely modelled on what Connexi has built to date. 

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